How to Plan A

Celebration of Life Memorial

Instead of a Funeral

A Practical, Step-by Step Guide To Planning

A Respectful, Loving Memorial Service

When You Are Called On To Organize

A Celebration of Life Memorial

Here Is Practical Help When You Really Need It!

This guide will help you

        Avoid the overwhelm

        Get Help From Others

        Stay organized

It will take you step by step through the process in an organized and practical way using forms, tips, techniques and know-how.  

The Celebration of Life Book Includes:

      The 4 things that must be done first!

       How to get the word out

       How to get help from others

       Planning forms to keep you organized

       Tips and techniques to save money

       How to select a place

       How to decide on food, music and flowers

       Helpful resources for eulogies, music

       And much more.

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If you download the book as an ebook, you will receive a link to also download all the planning forms included in the hard copy. These valuable forms (which you can copy and print) help you and your helpers stay organized.

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How I wish I had had this book when my mom died.  Such great ideas and the forms would really have helped me.
             Susan, San Mateo Ca.

What a Godsend your book was.  I can’t thank you enough for making it easy to get help and organize our memorial.  It was lovely.

            Maryanne, Canton Ohio

Norma Smith-Davis is available to consult with you on your memorial. You can email her at or call 707 578-0907